What is an LMS?

The world is changing into one big digital playground. All kinds of systems are being put in to place to make sure information is available to everyone and in every location. Most of the things that used to be analog, are now becoming digital. Just like games and media, education is also made digital. An LMS makes sure this is possible. The most asked question?

What does the abbreviation “LMS” mean?

The abbreviation “LMS” means Learning Management System. This is term you will see thrown around a lot on this website. It’s something, if you know a bit about e-learning or digital learning in general, you might be familiar with.

So, what does an LMS actually do?

An LMS is a system you can use to create and share online courses or other kinds of educational content. We mainly see instructors use it that want to sell their online courses to the public. You can create multiple courses, pages and other kinds of content, like blogs and share them in your LMS.

This makes it extremely suitable for instructors who are looking to make a living out of teaching online. As it creates an environment that you can use to do marketing, sell courses and share information with the public.

Courses can be created in whatever way the instructor likes, because all kinds of media can be used. For example, you can use video, images, enriched HTML and whatever else you can think of.

What are the benefits for instructors?

There are quite a lot of benefits for instructors that make use of an LMS. The main benefit of having an LMS is that it is in fact a good solution to bring education and marketing together in one place. You have a complete website which you can equip with a blog, sales pages and whatever more you can think of!

Besides the functionalities that every website has, an LMS also has the functions needed in order to provide education and extra features. You can make an entire learning experience by creating forums, comment sections and giving curated content to selected accounts.

There is also a different kind of added benefit to having your own system. All the revenue you create is completely your own. There are no fees for the platform, besides the subscription fee for your Maatos environment. So, all the money you earn is actually yours.

What are the benefits for students?

An LMS is only as useful as students believe it to be. Thankfully, having a LMS of your own is also useful to your students. The main advantage it has for students is that they have one central hub where they can find all your stuff and the community you’ve build around the topic. This is useful because it means they’ll start seeing you as an expert in your field. When they need information, you’re the one they turn to.

Especially the personal feel your own platform has, will impact the way students experience your courses and all the other content you create. Make sure to keep them up to date and keep answering their questions. Wondering how to find more students? Then read how to sell your course more often!

What future does the LMS have?

Certain trends in education will keep going indefinitely. We are sure that learning online is the future of learning in general. Especially when you look at the lack of teachers nowadays.

The LMS will only become faster and better at curating content to the individual.

This is why there is a big future in stall for the LMS. There future of the LMS is spread out over all different branches that have learning at its centre. Nowadays, that’s almost every branche.

It will not only be used in order to teach people what they need in the moment, but will also be used to train new and current employees in work-life related skills.

So, the future of the LMS is set in stone. How are you going harness its power?

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